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Best Latex Mattress

How to Choose the Best Natural Latex Mattress

How can you find the best latex mattress when there are so many options available to you on today's market?

Savvy consumers are educated ones, so if you are prepared with knowledge concerning latex, types of latex mattresses, how to choose a latex mattress, and understand the benefits and drawbacks of a latex mattress, you're more likely to purchase the one that is best for you!

What is Latex?

Synthetic latex is a material created through a process called emulsion polymerization using two monomers or atoms derived from oil called butadiene and styrene. Natural latex products are made from a natural rubber serum collected from rubber trees.

The synthetic version of latex boasts all of the basic properties of its natural counterpart. Natural latex however has many benefits that synthetic latex does not.

What does this mean for you as the consumer? You should know that all latex mattresses on the market are either 100% natural latex or they're a blend of natural and synthetic latex.

This may be especially important to anyone who suffers from allergies or is interested in purchasing environmentally friendly products for their home.

Latex Processing - Two Types

The two methods of latex processing are called Talalay and Dunlop. A simple way to describe the difference between the two end products from these processes is as follows. A latex mattress made the Dunlop way will yield a firmer, more resilient mattress. Latex mattresses made the Talalay way will give you a softer, more luxurious feeling product.

There are latex mattresses manufacturers who will layer their mattresses with products from both methods. The result is a firm foundation mattress with an incredibly comfortable top layer.

Latex Mattress Construction

Latex mattress cores are manufactured with a density of at least 4 pounds per cubic foot. The density can be higher in some mattresses. The core is typically 5-6 inches thick to provide a solid foundation.

The latex core also has pinholes throughout the surface so that air can flow through the mattress and helps make the mattress feel more pliable. The very top layer can also be a memory foam topper if you so choose.

Some latex bed companies provide layers of different firmness that aren't glued together. This makes it easier to switch out the layers in an effort to find the best latex mattress combination for comfort.

Which Is the Best Latex Mattress - Organic, Natural or Synthetic?

Organic latex mattresses can be manufactured from either synthetic or natural latex. The term organic is added to the title when the fabrics or used to cover the mattress are made from organic materials such as wool or organic cotton.

Ultimately, as with any mattress choice, the best latex mattress for you is the one that provides the desired comfort you want and need in a mattress.

Benefits of Natural Latex Mattresses

  • No off gassing of chemicals

  • Environmentally friendly product - created from sustainable and renewable resources and the mattresses can last up to 20 years

  • Hypoallergenic

  • Naturally resists the infestation of dust mites, bacteria, and allergens

  • Excellent support

  • Good motion isolation - your spouse won't feel all of your movements

Drawbacks of Natural Latex Mattresses

  • They sometimes sag prematurely

  • Body impressions don't always bounce back right away

  • Relatively new to the mattress market, so there's not a long track record of how these mattresses perform over a long period of time

  • Extremely heavy - difficult to move

  • More expensive than synthetic latex

Benefits of Synthetic Latex Mattresses

  • More resistant to sagging than natural latex

  • Synthetic latex is firmer and more dense than natural - provides a firmer sleeping surface

  • Less expensive than natural latex mattresses

  • Distributes weight evenly across the sleeping surface

Drawbacks of Synthetic Latex Mattresses

  • Off gassing odors are common

  • Less elastic and pliable than natural latex

  • Not environmentally friendly

  • Treated with chemicals in order to be tagged as resistant to dust mites and allergens

Tips for Choosing the Best Latex Mattress

It's important for consumers with allergies or sensitive skin to look for a natural latex mattress that uses latex from plant-derived rubber sap. The natural latex mattresses offer the same qualities as the synthetic, but without the potentially harmful side effects such as off gassing or chemically treated materials.

Remember the pinholes mentioned previously? According to mattress shopping experts, the larger the pinholes are in a latex mattress, the better the quality of the mattress because of increased airflow through the mattress. The larger pinholes are also supposed to provide increased support for your body.

The outer covering of the mattress should be made from breathable materials such as wool or a wool blend. Wool is naturally flame retardant.

Simple design is best! Mattresses manufactured via the Talalay method are processed in layers and must be glued together in order to create a comfortable mattress. The glued seams can sometimes be felt through the mattress. Mattresses with fewer layers are almost always a good idea.

Purchase your latex mattress from a company with a good reputation. Ask whether or not the company offers a trial period. Check the warranty and the return policy carefully.

Best Latex Mattress Brands?

Again, the choice of any mattress is ultimately up to the consumer. Comfort is a very personal preference and can vary significantly from person to person and even spouse-to-spouse sleeping in the same bed. Choose carefully based on the knowledge you have about latex mattresses, including consumers best rated mattress reviews.

These mattress brands have positive overall feedback and reviews from customers.

  • Healthy Foundations

  • Flobeds

  • Foam Sweet Foam

  • Natural Bed Store

  • Original Mattress Factory

  • Habitat Furnishings

  • Plush Beds

  • Sleep EZ

  • Sealy Embody

  • Prana

  • NovosBed

  • Sleep Innovations

The Bottom Line in Latex Mattresses

All natural latex mattresses are the perfect choice if you desire an environmentally friendly product, like the comfort level, and are comfortable with a higher price tag.

Some consumers, despite the benefits of a natural latex mattress, will still opt for the synthetic latex mattress. The draw of a synthetic one is the firmness and the price tag, which is less than a natural latex mattress.

Regardless of which one you decide is the best latex mattress for you, you'll know you've chosen just the right one because you took the time to educate yourself about latex mattresses before you shopped and made your purchase.

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