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What is the Safest and Best Crib Mattress?

Crib Mattress Reviews

What is the best crib mattress for your baby? New parents may be confused by all the crib mattresses available on the market today and may wonder which one is the safest for their precious new child.

We will show you the most conventional popular choices for crib mattresses and then we'll highlight the more eco-friendly choices along with more affordable and safer choices so you have several from which to choose based on your standards and budget.

Popular Conventional Choices

We've done some research on crib mattress reviews and found that these are some popular and well liked crib mattresses.

  • Sealy Baby Posturepedic

  • Sealy Soybean Foam Core

  • Sealy Baby Firm Rest

  • Serta Nightstar Extra Firm

  • Safety 1st Heavenly Dreams

  • Sealy Perfect Rest

The only problem with these conventional crib mattresses is that they are typically manufactured with petroleum based oils and compounds or foam that could potentially harm your child due to high chemical content. They're also treated with flame retardant chemicals.

More and more research is being done on the health effects of chemicals that crib mattresses are manufactured with. A growing number of parents have decided that it is worth spending a little more on safer and more natural crib mattresses, so that their child is not exposed to these kinds of chemicals at such a young age.

A choice for healthier crib mattresses is one that can benefit your baby for their entire lifetime. That is a beautiful gift to give your child!

Healthier and More Eco-Friendly Crib Mattresses

Colgate Eco Classica I Crib Mattress - $163.00

The Colgate Eco Classica I is a foam crib mattress manufactured with more plant oils than petroleum based oils and is Greenguard certified. Greenguard is a third-party independent organization that rates products in regards to indoor air quality and levels of volatile organic compounds.

This mattress is more eco-friendly than a conventional mattress manufactured from petroleum based oils.

L A Baby Organic Cotton 2 in One Orthopedic
Crib Mattress - $107.00

This mattress is one of the most popular with new parents because it contains no polyurethane foam, no phthalates, toxic chemicals or lead that could cause baby health problems.

The mattress is two-sided with a firm side for the infant and a less firm side for a toddler, so you can use this mattress for several years.

The layers of cushioning around the innerspring coils are 100% organic cotton as well as the layers on the outside of the mattress.

Naturepedic No Compromise Organic Cotton Classic 252 Crib Mattress - $299.00

Admittedly, this crib mattress is a bit more expensive, but there's a reason. The features of this model may qualify it as one of the best crib mattresses for baby.

  • 100% organic cotton filling inside the mattress – cotton used is chemical and toxin free, undyed, unbleached, and grown without any harmful chemicals or fertilizers

  • Cover of mattress is waterproofed using non-toxic 100% polyethylene, is latex free, wool free, and is hypoallergenic

  • Excellent support via heavy duty innerspring coils

  • Flammability protection is non-toxic and uses no chemicals

PureRest Organic Innerspring Crib
Mattress - $278.00

PureRest uses only 100% certified organic cotton in their crib mattresses. The wool layer is manufactured from 100% organic wool and the rubber used to waterproof the mattress is all natural Arpico rubber.

Independent testing certifies that PureRest products are VOC-free and chemical free.

Truly Organic Crib Mattresses

Standards set by the government state that companies manufacturing crib mattresses only have to use 70% organic materials in order to label their product as organic, so there are still chemicals and toxins used to manufacture the other 30% of the mattress.

Since organic mattesses are relatively new, there aren't a lot of crib mattress reviews out there, but here are the products we found that are worth looking at.

Here is a list of some crib mattresses that utilize a high percentage of or 100% organic materials:

  • EcoBaby Organics 2-in-1 Flippable Organic Latex Mattress - $405.00

  • EcoBaby Deluxe Organic Innerspring Mattress - $290.00

  • Natural Mat Coco Mat Organic Crib Mattress - $349.00

  • EcoBaby Organics Organic Stokke Crib Mattress – only fits Stokke cribs - $310.00

  • EcoBaby Organics Natural Organic Latex Mattress - $395.00

  • Vivetique European Tufted Organic Cotton and Wool Innerspring Crib Mattress - $495.00

  • Natural Mat Mohair Mat Organic Crib Mattress - $499.00

Which One is the Best Crib Mattress for Your Baby?

There are a few more affordable, less toxic, and relatively eco-friendly options available to parents who want the best for their child but need to stay within a budget at the same time.

L A Baby Organic Cotton Innerspring
Crib Mattress - $35

The organic cotton mattress by L A Baby is similar to their 2-in-1 mattress in that it doesn't contain polyurethane foam, toxic chemicals, phthalates, or lead, but there is a big difference between the two when it comes to chemicals used in manufacturing.

This mattress is waterproofed with a food grade polyurethane that is attached to the back of the mattress cover. The coils are not surrounded by 100% organic cotton like the other one.

The covers however are made from 100% organic cotton for plush comfort in conjunction with a natural latex layer for support.

Still others…

  • DaVinci's Willow Natural Coconut Palm Crib Mattress - $179.00

  • Lullaby Earth - $159.00

Options for Making Crib Mattress Safer

Another great way to make your baby's crib mattress safer to sleep on is to find a conventional best crib mattress in excellent condition and place an organic mattress topper over it. That way, the mattress has had plenty of time to outgas the potentially harmful chemicals and can sleep on material that is organic and safe for him.

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