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Years of Insomnia - Natural Sleep Remedies Didn't Help

I have had insomnia for years. Some nights I didn't sleep a wink, and it was horrible. I thought I would go crazy! I tried all the natural sleep aids that you can think of, including valerian, herbal sleep aids, calcium, magnesium, homeopathic sleep aid, and tons of different natural sleep aids from different companies.

Then, I tried the over the counter medications like Benadryl. Ugh!! I felt so drugged and groggy, and they didn't help a bit.

Nothing worked!! Worse of all, I am very sensitive to most medications. My doctor tried all kinds of different medications but none of them worked. It was awful, I would feel so crazy from taking these drugs, and I still wasn't sleeping.

Finally, we found one that worked, and that didn't make me feel weird, but it gave me a headache. I had to put up with the headache because it was so much better to sleep than to lie awake all night and to not be able to function during the day!!

Eventually I was able to get off of the medication, but I still need lots of natural sleep remedies to get a good night's sleep!

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