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Unhappy Sleeper - Nature's Rest Latex Mattress

by Karen

We have a Nature's Rest Sanibel mattress. We paid just under $4000. for this king size latex foam mattress and box springs. It started to sag after approx. 3 years we now have a 3 inch sag and this mattress is the most uncomfortable mattress we have ever slept on. I have blankets foam etc under mattress pad to try to correct the sag so I can sleep. I contacted the store I purchased it at and after 3 calls and 6 weeks later a mattress tech came out and measured and found a 2 inch sag. I am now waiting for that information to be turned over to the secret people (he couldn't tell me whom) for their decision. I wonder how long this will take hmmm. Oh I am also wondering why they measure horizontally and not vertically? Vertically is how a person sleeps so why not measure that way? I get a 3 or more inch sag vertically and they get a 2 inch sag horizontally. Will definitely never buy or suggest a natures rest mattress to anyone.

Our reply

Oh my goodness!! Thank you Karen for letting us know about your experience with the Nature's Rest Sanibel latex foam mattress. I am very sorry to hear that it has sagged so quickly. A good latex mattress should last ten to twenty years and I sincerely hope that the Nature's Rest company honors your warranty and replaces your mattress. From what I have seen of the reviews of this brand, there are many other people who experience the same kinds of problems with the Nature's Rest latex mattresses. I hope the company will listen to their customers and address these frequent complaints about sagging and lack of support.

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Sep 06, 2012
Natures Rest mattress
by: Nicole B

I too bought a King Latex Natures rest mattress and after 3 years the sagging is awful. I called jordan's furniture today to file a claim. I too paid over $3500 for the mattress too. Let's see what the end result will be.

Jan 09, 2012
Natures rest Heather latex bed
by: Russell Jefferies

We spent 3 hours in shop trying out beds as our back were not coping with the sag in our old bed.

We were impressed with the reps blurb re latex.

Bottom line within weeks it sagged. We just camped on a rubber blow up bed for 5 nights and have had no soreness.

First night back in our Brand new Natures Rest latex mattress and we have woken up with severe soreness.

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