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Sleep To Live

by Angelo

I'm sure by now, everyone has realized that NO OTHER COMPANY but SLEEPY'S sells those! A little suspect?? It is...

My wife and I, spent over $2K on a blue 400 queen mattress. They actually made us feel like we were compromising by not spending more money on the higher end model... The bed WAS AWFUL! Started sagging within a month… It was only comfy for a week, thanks to the pillowtop. After we purchased, I actually read all the fine print, which is quite extensive... The issue was that even though I was sleeping in a pit (literally!!), the company allows 1.75inches of an indentation, which they insist is normal, as the bed is adjusting to your body shape (if I was a boulder!)...
I called Sleepy's to get my mattress inspected and hopefully get it replaced. The girl that inspected was nice enough to see the frustration and the ridiculousness of the situation, and granted the replacement on the grounds that there were air pockets in the mattress, hence rendering it defective... Really not the case, but did the trick.

We ended up getting a Sterns & Foster instead. One of the best ones available! It made a world of difference! Important detail: The people that sold us that mattress insisted that we needed a box spring to make sure our warranty is valid. Totally not the case! Guess what...The credit of the replacement was for the mattress only, not the box-spring... Which means we wasted a good $400!!

Bottom line, if those mattresses are that great, then how come only Sleepy’s sells them? Well, they’re not great. They’re actually awful. They’re overpriced, they sag easily, and the whole “sleep system” is designed to make you feel like an idiot. Unfortunately, the salesman has a script that works for most people… If you ask, “how come I’ve never heard or seen this brand of mattresses anywhere else?”, they would say something like “well, you never see commercials for a Ferrari…do you?”. Do yourself a favor and do your research, and don’t buy on your first or even second visit… I’m going to post this to as many places as possible to warn people. I wish there were that many posts when I first bought mine…

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