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Publish Your Sleep, Mattress
and Bedding Articles on Our Site


If you write great quality sleep, mattress or bedding articles, we may be interested in publishing some of your work on our site.

This is a completely free service, available to authors that can provide a high quality, informative article. We provide a live, "do follow" link to your website, and a feature in our site blog for those articles that meet our quality guidelines.

Instructions for Your Sleep, Mattress or Bedding Articles

PLEASE FOLLOW ALL INSTRUCTIONS - we reserve the right to delete articles that do not meet our quality guidelines.

  • Articles about Sleep, Mattresses or Bedding - Please offer an article that provides a unique approach and that does not repeat information that is already on our site. We are especially focused on helping people with allergies and chemical sensitivities to find healthier and less chemically laden sleep options.

  • High Quality Unique Articles - We are looking for high quality articles, written in perfect English, that are exclusive to our site, that are not and will not be published on any other website. We will check this, so please do not submit duplicate articles.

  • We are looking for substantial articles on sleep, mattress or bedding that are at least 600 words in length.

  • Along with your article, please upload a photo, stock photo or graphic.

  • A Positive and Family Friendly Article - We are looking for family friendly articles that you would be comfortable sharing with your kids. Our visitors are looking for support, encouragement and assistance to get a good night's sleep.

  • Add an Author Resource Box to the end of your article that includes your website link.

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