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Serta Won't Honor 30 Year Warranty

by Linda
(San Angelo, TX)

We bought a king Serta Calm II memory foam mattress with a 30 year warranty in Dec. 2006. A few years after, we started having problems with sagging, lumps, dips, rolling, etc.

I called Serta and they agreed to replace with like kind since they no longer made this one. (this is a common thing, mattress is no longer made).

They replaced it with a True Response (I had no input, the salesman, not inspector, decided what I would get).

This mattress was so bad, they had to come get it in a month. It was dirty, bent, sagged and more. I believe it was a used mattress, with a 10 year warranty.

They replaced this with a Pure Response, 10 year warranty (states this on Serta website). It was okay at first. Very heavy and very hard. Supposed to be foam but no foam feel whatsoever.

It hurt my back. It then started the same old thing, sagging, indentations, rolling, holding on the edge to stay on the bed. My back is killing me.

I called Serta again. This time nasty, hateful and rude. Would not return calls or emails. Sent a rude, crude "used car" salesman instead of an inspector to see the defective mattress.

Said yes, defective and will replace. Again, he made decision on what it would be replaced with. This time I said, I wanted to discuss what it would be replaced with. I wanted to know options. He got mad, yelled at me, told me all Serta mattresses were bad and he would decide what I would get.

I tried to call a supervisor. I got a accounting clerk first and she said she would discuss with me the options and she would get info. together and call me. Instead, she emailed and said she was sending a check to refund for mattress (even though I repeatedly told them I wanted a new mattress, not a refund) and she sent letter and check to my house. She would not give me a real supervisor name.

I went online to find a Serta manager (a real manager) and emailed to the address on the national site. I got a couple of form letter responses saying someone would get back to me but no one will. This went on for weeks now. They refuse to answer my emails and won't talk to me.

I now have their check even though I told them NO and they won't honor my warranty and won't talk to me. I have a 30 year warranty that is no good.

Serta is terrible. If I can ever get rid of this mattress (because now I cannot get the one I want for what they paid me) so my back (injured back) will not hurt me and I can sleep, and replace it with a good one I will be happy. Serta refused to do this.

The used car salesman said he would give me the lowest priced IComfort mattress but it is very low end and I told him, I could end up with the same thing and still not have a 30 year warranty (these have a 25 year warranty) but right now what does a warranty mean to Serta? NOTHING! THE SERTA WARRANTY IS WORTHLESS!

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