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Serta King Size Memory Foam Mattress - Very Bad Experience

by Linda
(San Angelo, TX)

I bought a Serta King size memory foam mattress set in 2006. It was great at first. That didn't last long though. In a few years, it started to have deep indentations on both sides. I called Serta. They gave me a new set but not the same because that one's not made any more. They gave me a 10 year warranty mattress instead of the 30 year warranty I had and this one not memory foam but latex. This one was dirty and much smaller and bent. I called, they came got it and brought another one of the same but larger and heavier. Still latex not memory foam, and this one was hot, heavy and hard as a rock. I told them I did not want heavy or hard but salesman insisted that is what I wanted. He made the decisions not me as to what i would get. He was lecherous on top of that and I was afraid to be in the house with him all alone. I hated for him to be in my house. I called Serta when this one started to sag. They refused to talk to me anymore. They told me what they would give me and kept telling me I would not be satisfied with what they gave me so I had to take money they offered and go elsewhere. I tired and tried to talk to them but they refused and they would not give me the phone number to call the corporate headquarters. Of course headquarters is only listed online as showing their new big buildings and boasting about it and the builders and architects who designed it and how much it cost.

They are making plenty of money off people who buy their mattresses. They won't honor the mattresses they sell . The mattress you buy will not be made next year because it was bad. The new one you get will have a shorter warranty and they have gone down to as low as one year warranty now. Mine was a 30 year and they don't make that any more and never will again. Not that it mattered anyway because they refused to honor it. And never talk to anyone from the Lockhart Texas plant. You will be treated terribly. That is where the used car salesman is and you will not like how you will be treated.

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