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Sealy Springfree Latex Mattress Review

If I can save one person from purchasing one of these I will have accomplished my mission..first of all I have a king size and if you think you can rotate this with ease or move it from top to bottom you are mistaken. It is beyond heavy and should be told to the people purchasing it at the sale. I have had this since Feb. 9/09 and so far am having such horrible issues with back,leg, and hip pain.. the mattress is sort of caving in the center almost like a hammock..NO support like they say and for the money I would have expected at least 8 to 10 years, I am shopping now for a replacement. The worst part of this mattress is the first few months you will love it and then it begins to disappoint..each month I was getting more and more pain and seeing more and more Doctors. Please try to lift it in the store to see what I mean..and trust me you will have to rotate this thing a quarter turn in the first few months to even out the latex..otherwise you will be sagging..we are over 60 and this mattress is one I would gladly light the match to..except it was so costly. The mattress industry has become so large with so many choices to confuse and mislead consumers..everything feels good when they are new but can they actually hold up for the long haul..They all want their price but is their quality enough to warrant it??? Stay away from these springfree latex mattresses.

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