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Review of Our Queen Sized Sleep Number Bed

by Marilee

We re-modeled our master bedroom in early 2007 and decided to get our Queen size sleep number bed because they made it sound like such a wonderful bed! Well it is now 4 1/2 years later and we are miserable in that bed. I will say that it was good for us for the first year, then we noticed sagging in the middle. My husband said he felt like he was sleeping on a mountain that he could fall off. Then the bed kept losing air. I took it apart a few times to check the plugs and it would be good for about a week. Then the controls went whacky and we never knew what pressure we had. Finally this last year has been the worst as the bed randomly fills up or goes down in the middle of the night. This not only wakes us up, but if we do happen to sleep through it, we wake up in a bed that is either hard as a rock or so soft that we can hardly get out of it. I also can hear the bed randomly filling up from my livingroom!! So, I began reading reviews about 6 months ago and sadly knew I had bought a horrible bed and wasted $1700. Now we are looking for another bed, but I am wondering if there is any recourse through the company?

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