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Ozark Trail Air Mattress Construction Issues

This air mattress is made by Intex but you'll soon find out why they didn't put their name on it in any prominent fashion.

Internal ribbing lets go resulting in large, uncomfortable bumps.

Kept inflated for a while, the cheap materials used on the flocked side start to give way, resulting in pin prick sized holes where two pieces of internal structure meet. Sanding off the flocking before patching takes some time and should always be done while deflated. (These little holes get really large fast if any other pressure is added while inflated.)

Definitely not recommended for anyone who doesn't have experience with finding and patching holes.

Recommend adding the cost of at least two patch kits to this mattresses price. Then you might see some use out of it, but not for very long

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Jan 29, 2012
Leaking air
by: AnonymJaneous

Hi. I loved my ozark air mattress. It has been used a lot,taken good care of. But suddenly it is leaking. I have checked it completely for leaks, only seems to be leaking around control box,is there a new gasket I can get? Model AP619 electric. Thanks

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