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Looking for Low Cost Mattress or Mattress Donation

by Maria
(Salem, MA)

I am writing to you as a head of a household. I have 4 children’s and at this moment my fiancé is un-employ. Due to the bad economy is very difficult for be to support my family and pay the entire bill. As you may know eating healthy is expensive, and therefore we've been eating a lot of Carbs due to its price. This has made me gain weight; I currently weight 260 pounds, and have a lot of back problems due to it. My fiancé is also suffering from Scoliosis, unfortunately we have no way to afford buying a new Mattress, and I was wondering to now if you could help us in any way. Maybe financing one at very low monthly payments, or maybe donating a defective queen size mattress. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks for you time.
A pair of Bad Backs

Our reply

Hi, and thank you for writing. I am so sorry to hear of the severe financial and health challenges you are facing. We are an independent website and do not sell mattresses ourselves, however you may be able to find some help at your local Salvation Army donation center.

According to our research, their address is:

93 North Street
Salem, MA 01970-3962
(978) 744-5181

You can learn more at their site to inquire about finding Low cost mattresses or mattress donations. I hope this is helpful and that you can find a good mattress soon for your back.

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