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Is Latex Foam or Memory Foam Best for Back Pain?

Back pain sufferers are always looking for just the right mattress to alleviate their pain so they can get a good night sleep and wake refreshed in the morning. Let's look at latex foam mattresses and memory foam mattresses – which one is better for back pain?

For years, firmer mattresses have been recommended for back pain. Softer mattresses weren't recommended because it was thought they didn't provide enough support for the back and spine and didn't allow for proper alignment.

A research study published in the Lancet Medical Journal suggests that firm mattresses are not the best for back pain, but instead, a medium firm mattress is highly recommended for relieving back pain and helping people feel better in the morning.

Latex Foam Mattresses

Latex foam mattresses have become very popular because they offer an all-natural supportive mattress. The more natural ingredients used in a latex mattress, the firmer it is, so the more supportive it can be. Now, given the results in the above-mentioned study, the natural latex mattress might not be the best choice for back pain.

The advantage of sleeping on a latex mattress made from naturally derived materials is that it's a safe sleeping surface and does not pose possible health issues.

Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory foam mattresses are excellent for providing support and proper alignment and for relieving pressure points on the body. This sounds very promising to those with painful back issues.

The downside to memory foam is that it's manufactured from 100% synthetic materials and harsh chemicals, making it a potential health hazard for anyone who sleeps on it or comes into contact with it.

Which of These Mattresses is Best for Back Pain?

It's quite the dilemma, isn't it? Trying to choose between latex foam and memory foam mattresses in an effort to alleviate back pain is not a cut and dry choice.

The type of mattress you need to reduce or eliminate your symptoms is an extremely personal decision. The mattress that works for one person may not work for another. You may even need to add layers to your mattress in the way of mattress pads or toppers to make it the most comfortable and supportive for you.

The Conclusion?

Making the decision between memory foam and latex foam mattresses comes down to a few points.

Memory foam can provide the support desired for some back pain sufferers, but it could cause other health problems. If you're willing to risk experiencing some of the other potential side effects from sleeping on memory foam in order to enjoy less back pain, then memory foam may be the choice for you.

Latex foam mattresses, especially the ones made from primarily natural ingredients, can be a little too firm for some people dealing with back pain, but perhaps they prefer a safer sleeping surface.

If this is the case, a mattress pad made from down, wool, or fleece can be added to the top of the mattress so that you'll have the best of both worlds – the support and the comfort.

One Other Choice

A company called Essentia makes the only natural memory foam mattress in the world without using petroleum products or harsh chemicals.

It's a possibility for those looking for the support that memory foam provides, but without the off gassing and the possibility of health problems.

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