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Great Beds for Kids

by Viviane

i have been looking for several months for the best price and quality in beds for my children, ideally i wanted a bed that would not gas off toxicity in our home, and made of the finest materials: wool, latex, organic cotton. i had a limited budget, i could have gone down to most local mattress stores and purchased two twin beds for much less, but again that was not what i wanted to invest in. so after much comparing, calling around, getting some, promising offers, the price and the quality, but truthfully mostly the price, just wasn't right. then i found sleepez.com.
factory direct, ship the next day, knowledgeable, and they carry 100% natural latex beds! having a small child with a lot of allergies i needed to get him tested for the materials before purchasing. they were very good to mail me some samples of the dunlop. after everything checked out okay, we made our purchase. it's hard wanting the best for your health and family, your environment, but i saw this as an investment, though a calculated one, with what i had available. i had such a peaceful and kind interaction on the phone with shawn the owners, who is often available and hands on in answering questions and offering his understanding to meet your personal need. i am very happy with our purchase. my children sleep more soundly, my eight-year old was doing a lot of tossing and turning, so far she is sleeping like a rock. the beds we purchased are part of their current sale 6"(two 3") dunlop latex encased in a cotton cover. the beds are very comfortable: soft/medium for my girl 8, soft/firm for my boy 4. my husband and i sleep on a tempurpedic, but knowing what i know about beds today, i wish i had found ESLEEPEZ.com eight years ago when we purchased our bed. happy my kids are sleeping well!
i would recommend them to any friend looking for an affortable, natural bed. simply perfect customer service. FREE SHIPPING TOO!

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