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Five Tips for Getting a Better Night's Sleep Without Spending a Lot of Money

You really can get a better night's sleep without breaking the bank if you're willing to do a few things to make your bed more comfortable. It's really quite simple!

Take a look at these simple solutions for making your bed a more inviting place to sleep.

1. Mattress pad – don't underestimate the beauty of a good quality mattress pad when it comes to adding a layer of plush comfort to your mattress. Adding a nice, plush, cushy, soft mattress pad over top of your existing mattress can mean the difference between waking with an aching back or waking in the morning feeling rested and relaxed. Don't skimp, but don't spend a lot either. You can find down-filled mattress pads for around $50 and up or latex foam mattress pads for around $200 and up. That's a lot less than a new mattress and it's a great way to extend the life of your mattress and make it feel "new" again.

2. Add a bed board – Place a bed board or piece of wood in between your mattress and box springs to give it a little more support. The board should be long enough to support your body from your shoulders to your knees at the very least, but ideally, it will go the length of your mattress. The width should be the size of your mattress also so the mattress surface is fully supported. You'll find that a bed board can help make a sagging mattress feel less so and perhaps you can get a better night of sleep because you'll feel supported. You may also find that your back and knee pain is much less or gone with the addition of a bed board to your bed.

3. Flip your mattress - flip your mattress not only side to side, but top to bottom if possible. By doing this, you're getting a new surface area on which to sleep and hopefully you'll have a more comfortable surface on which to sleep for several more months.

4. Invest in bedding that is ultra comfortable - your bedding really does matter! Sleeping on soft, luxurious sheets with a high thread count will make a world of difference when you're trying to get a good night's sleep. Invest a little more in higher quality sheet sets, like Egyptian cotton, and you'll create a wonderfully inviting nest to retire to at the end of the day. Get pillows that support your head and neck while allowing for proper alignment and cover it with a soft cotton pillowcase. Top off your sheets with a wonderful down comforter or all cotton quilt and you have everything you need for comfort!

5. Keep your bedroom free of clutter - create an oasis in your bedroom by keeping it free of clutter, laundry, stuff piled here and there. You'll feel relaxed instead of stressed when you walk into your bedroom at night and that will help your body calm down and be ready for sleep at the end of the day. Make this one room in the house a priority so it doesn't get messy and cluttered. Getting a solid night of sleep is worth the extra effort to keep this one room clean and organized.

Additional things you could do are adding heavy curtains in your bedroom so you can shut out any light when you go to bed.

White noise is helpful for some people too – running a fan, noise maker, or soft music can help some people get to sleep and stay asleep.

Just keep in mind however that if you get dependent on some kind of noise at home, you'll need it wherever you go in order to sleep well!

What do you think, do you have tips for getting a better night's sleep without spending a lot of money?

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