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European mattress brands - Germany, the UK and the Benelux region

by Alex
(Brussels, Belgium)

I found your website because of a market research which I am conducting for a team school project. We are interested in comparisons of different European brands of mattresses in Germany, the UK and the Benelux region. Would you be able to refer me to a website or database where we can get information about different products, brands and industrial analysis.

Your help is greatly appreciated. :)

Hi Alex, thanks very much for your message! I'm very sorry, I am not familiar with European mattress brands in Germany, the UK or the Benelux region. This kind of information is best found by contacting actual mattress stores in these areas, or by doing local searches, for example at http://www.google.co.uk . A search there for European Mattress Brands will give you a good start, and if you can find a mattress dealer in one of these places that is willing to communicate with you, they can provide some valuable information on what are the most popular European mattress brands. Please do let us know what you learn! Thanks again for your message.

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