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Egg Crate Mattress Pad Question

by Susan

How often should an egg crate mattress topper or egg box overlay pad be replaced (not memory foam, but regular 'combustion modified foam')? I've had mine 10 years on my existing mattress and I'm starting to get backache in the mornings. I've always used it 'egg box side up' but want to get an electric blanket so plan to turn it upside down so that the flat side is uppermost.



Our reply

Hi Susan, thanks for your message. I've found that the egg crate mattress pads do wear out even after a few years. I don't know which brand you are using, but the ones I am familiar with that you can get at a department store for under $100 seem to lose their spring after a few years. I think you are doing well to have it for as long as you have!

You can check it by removing the sheets or mattress pad and examining the foam to see if it is crumbling or has lost it's "spring".

On the other hand, if the egg crate topper seems to be OK, it could be that your mattress is beginning to sag, which can also cause a backache.

One way around this if your mattress is developing a little sag is to get a bed board. This is an inexpensive flat board, usually made of a special kind of cardboard that will stop the sag and prolong the life of your mattress.

I hope this is helpful for you in getting a more comfortable sleep!

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