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Coleman Air Mattress Review

This Coleman air mattress review is based on many years experience of traveling. I have slept on a lot of different brands of air mattress, including the Intex air mattress.

Most of them lose air right away, or within a few days. I mostly used the twin air mattresses, although once in a while would try a full or queen size. The Intex brand had a more bumpy surface that sagged in the middle.

I have by far had the best experience with the Coleman air mattress. Even though it has less height than the Intex, so I am closer to the ground, the mattress stays firm and does not sag in the middle.

I've never once had it lose a lot of air, so that I woke up on the ground! I've even used these long term in some temporary situations. After a few weeks it does lose a little firmness and will need to be refreshed.

It also has a flocked top so that the sheets do not slide off. To stay warmer, I add a mattress pad on the top. I have been very happy with the Coleman air mattress and it is a very reasonable price as well.

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