Jamison Mattress

It's possible that you've never heard about the Jamison mattress company, but it's very possible that you've slept on one if you've ever stayed at a Marriott, Best Western, or LaQuinta Inns or Suites.

Jamison markets their products mostly to commercial companies like resorts, spas, and hotels, but they're also available to the public via brick-and-mortar retailers and online retailers.

History of Jamison

Robert D. Jamison opened his first furniture store in 1875 in the town of Nashville, Tennessee. He began manufacturing mattresses in 1883 and by 1890 was selling his mattresses to businesses in the hospitality market. They've been in business for close to 130 years!

The Jamison philosophy is to design and manufacture quality mattresses and products for their customers. They also strive to provide top-notch customer service to both individual and commercial buyers.

Even today, they are a family-owned and operated business, but also have agreements with over 400 retailers in the U.S. who provide Jamison mattresses to the public.

Jamison's Collections of Mattresses


The Arbor Collection was one of the first of the mattresses that Jamison produced. It is the most valued and respected style of mattress made by this company.

  • Hotel-grade mattress

  • Encased foam mattress

  • Manufactured from Jamison's own blend of memory foam, materials and a soy product

  • Bio-box foundation

This collection includes 14 Bonnell Coil type mattresses. Bonnell coils are made with 15 to 20% more steel than other mattresses. What's so special about these coils? They're incredibly durable and ensure a squeak-free night of sleep.


The Crest collection features Jamison's Pocketed Smart Springs, which are coils individually wrapped for incredible comfort and support. It's a luxurious mattress featuring excellent motion isolation.

There are 5 styles of Pocketed Smart Spring mattresses in the Crest collection.

Vita Pedic

Vita Pedic orthopedic mattresses offer amazing support on top of a Bio-Box or power stack foundation.

  • Double-sided

  • Choose from firm, super-soft, or medium firmness

  • Smart coils or Bonnell coils

Two mattresses within this collection feature the Bonnell coils and seven mattresses in this collection feature Smart coils.


The mattresses within this collection are manufactured from Jamison's blend of foam or Talalay latex foam, offering deep relaxation and sleep.

  • Smart coils encased in foam

  • No flip mattress

  • Bio-Box foundation

Within this collection are 3 styles of latex foam mattresses and 8 styles of foam-encased Smart coil mattresses.

TLC Collection

These Talalay latex mattresses give buyers a hypo-allergenic option.

  • Breathable latex

  • Naturally resistant to dust mites and other particulates

  • Relives pressure points

  • Excellent support

You have the choice of 13 different styles within the TLC collection


The Oceania mattress is manufactured with top-quality 5-pound memory foam that has been incorporated together with a durable dense fiber material. Together, they're the perfect blend of support and comfort and the end of sleeping hot on your mattress.


The Resort collection features 5 American-made memory foam mattresses and 9 non-spring mattresses. The memory foam Jamison uses boasts consistency across the entire mattress, relieving potential pressure points.

Jamison's Non-Spring mattresses are manufactured from resort foam and have been featured in some of the world's most coveted resorts for more than 45 years.

Warranty on a Jamison Mattress

The warranty for each model of mattress varies, so be sure to check the warranty code located on the label of the mattress. The warranty begins the day you purchase it and could go for 7 to 10 years after that, depending on several factors.

Never remove this tag from the mattress because the information contained on the label identifies that mattress with you, the owner.

The warranty does not cover replacement or a refund if any stains are found on the mattress.

Where Can I Find Jamison Products?

Dealer locations can be found by calling the company directly at 1-800-821-0837. They'll be able to tell you if you have a showroom near you. Most of the dealers are located in the Midwest and Southeast at this time.

These quality mattresses can also be purchased through the Jamison company directly or from Marriott company.

Prices range from $875 to $1,625, depending on mattress size.

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Jamison Mattress
It's possible that you've never heard about the Jamison mattress company, but it's very possible that you've slept on one if you've ever stayed at a Marriott, Best Western, or LaQuinta Inns or Suites.

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